Book Review: Buried Secrets by Joseph Finder

St Martin's Press. Received ARC from Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

Nick Heller is back! I read Buried Secrets within a couple of weeks of finishing Vanished and I have to say that this second book in the Nick Heller series is much more intense. In this instalment, Nick Heller is searching for Alexa, the kidnapped daughter of billionaire and family friend Marshall Marcus. The reasons for the kidnapping are not clear and Nick is not getting the information he should from Alexa’s father.

Nick’s characteristic sense of humour (I got strange looks on the bus because I kept snickering as I read)  is still present in this novel but the overall feeling of urgency makes you want to plow through the remaining pages to find out what happens. Alexa is being kept under some pretty horrific conditions which allows for some pretty gruesome scenes. In Buried Secrets, Nick Heller’s is conflicted as ever as he deals with some pretty nasty characters and a woman from his past and, like in Vanished, some of Nick’s investigative efforts lead him to uncover some questionable government deals.

Buried Secrets is another fast-paced, enjoyable thriller full of suspense from  Joseph Finder. I’m looking forward to reading his other stand alone books.


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