Book Review: In the Company of Angels by Thomas E. Kennedy

Received review copy via LibraryThing

In the Company of Angels, set in Copenhagen, is a beautiful, lyrical and evocative tale that deals with the endurance of the human spirit. Through its characters, we are exposed to violence, pain, anger but also to courage, compassion, faith and beauty. The main character, Nardo, is a victim survivor of torture during the Pinochet regime in Chile. He’s in Copenhagen where he’s receiving treatment to recuperate from his ordeal. He’s slowly making progress but the periods when he’s trapped in his memories are pretty horrific. He meets Michela who is a Danish woman dealing with her own demons. She’s endured a violent marriage, the loss of her only child and is now in a new relationship with a young man with possessive tendencies.

This book is very sad but also filled with hope. The descriptions of the city and the songs mentioned give it a melancholy and mellow tone. You can’t help feeling the characters’ pain and wonder at their strength and capacity to heal. I highly recommend this book for its superb-poetic writing and moving story.


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