Book Review: Little Princes by Conor Grennan

Little Princes by Conor Grennan opened my eyes to the suffering of children who are victims of child trafficking in Nepal. It was hard learning about the kids being separated from their families and dumped in Kathmandu but it was reassuring to read of the selfless people who look after the rescued children.  I loved reading about Conor’s relationship with the kids. His love for the kids and his appreciation of their individual personalities really comes through in his writing.  These children are resilient but they still need someone to care for them. They definitely found that someone in Conor Grennan who, after setting up Next Generation Nepal, goes on several risky trips to the remote regions of the county to find the children’s parents. All in all, a very inspiring read and I have to admit that his account of how he met his wife Liz certainly appealed to the romantic in me. I would love to spend time abroad in a volunteer capacity and reading Little Princes reinforced my goal to do so.

For more information on Conor Grennan’s organization Next Generation Nepal and other organizations trying to help victims of child trafficking in Nepal, please visit:

Next Generation Nepal

The Umbrella Foundation

Also, Conor Grennan was guest editor for The Afterword in the National Post, here are his posts:

What Makes a Writer

A Great Pick-Up Line

What’s Interesting To Others

The Subjects of Your Memoir


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