Book Review: Gideon’s Sword by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

I’ve been a huge fan of writing duo Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child ever since I read Cabinet of Curiosities featuring the brilliant and eccentric FBI agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast. I’ve since read all the books in the Pendergast series, most of their stand alone books and a few of the authors’ solo projects.

In Gideon’s Sword, the authors introduce their new character Gideon Crew.  Gideon witnesses the death of his father when he’s a teenager. Years later at his mother’s deathbed, he learns the real circumstances of his father’s death and promises his mother that he will revenge his father. Gideon completes his mission to avenge his father but he’s then approached by a mysterious outfit that wants to hire him for a dangerous op. Gideon takes the job and the roller coaster ride begins!

I enjoyed the book and fans will certainly have fun with the appearance of familiar characters but I don’t think it’s up to par with their previous efforts. The book is fast-paced but I felt most of the plot was taken up by the main character making rash decisions with sometimes dubious results that I felt didn’t move the story along. I’s surprised that the revenge story line wasn’t more prominent in the book.  I also would have liked more background information on Gideon Crew but of course this is a calculated move by the authors to entice us to read any future books in the series.

Bottom-line, if you are already a fan of Preston & Child, it’s worth a read. If you’ve never read any of the Preston & Child books, I suggest you start with the books featuring Agent Pendergast.


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